Parsing Excel Serial date/time In Javascript

I had a case where I had to import data from an xlsx document with a bunch of columns. One of the columns was formatted as datetime and posed a problem because after the date was read, that particular column was transformed into a double ddddd.tttttt. After reading this

a travel to node.js: what?

The destination is set and now we have to prepare for the journey. Where to start? What’s available? How to use it? These are all questions I had and this post is to try to shed some light on all of this. Before we start with the ‘what is

a travel to node.js: why?

I am using C# since I got out of the university, ie, for about 8+ years. The language is great and Microsoft ecosystem for developing and deploying web applications is extremely powerful and versatile. I have deployed web apps built solely on top of Microsoft technologies ranging from web apps