Lost SSH connection after resizing (DigitalOcean)

André da Silva Carrilho

This blog is hosted in DigitalOcean in the $5/month plan. The blog is powered by wordpress with nginx web server. I wanted have it run a MEAN stack application. After installing MongoDB, the server lost alot of performance so I decided to upgrade to the next available pricing plan, $10/month.

The resize itself was straight forward. Although I had to shutdown the server it was a pretty quick process to have the server and the blog up and running.

But for some reason ssh into it was not working. It turns out that there was an iptable entry to deny all incoming requests but there was none to accept ssh on the specified port. I had to add it the iptables:

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport ssh -J ACCEPT  

Note that the entries might be unordered, i.e., the


 entry might be placed before the


 one and this might also cause the problem.