Lost SSH connection after resizing (DigitalOcean)

This blog is hosted in DigitalOcean in the $5/month plan. The blog is powered by wordpress with nginx web server. I wanted have it run a MEAN stack application. After installing MongoDB, the server lost alot of performance so I decided to upgrade to the next available pricing plan,

Parsing Excel Serial date/time In Javascript

I had a case where I had to import data from an xlsx document with a bunch of columns. One of the columns was formatted as datetime and posed a problem because after the date was read, that particular column was transformed into a double ddddd.tttttt. After reading this

a travel to node.js: what?

The destination is set and now we have to prepare for the journey. Where to start? What’s available? How to use it? These are all questions I had and this post is to try to shed some light on all of this. Before we start with the ‘what is

a travel to node.js: why?

I am using C# since I got out of the university, ie, for about 8+ years. The language is great and Microsoft ecosystem for developing and deploying web applications is extremely powerful and versatile. I have deployed web apps built solely on top of Microsoft technologies ranging from web apps


— MOVED TO GITHUB — * THIS PAGE WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. THE DOC AND CODE WILL BE POSTED AND UPDATED ON GITHUB PROJECT PAGE. * 44KB of helpers: http/rest, serialization/deserialization, extensions, io, email, security and a light curl/wget like cli for windows users! Installation couldn’t be simpler. just

bug with icon vertical align when using font-awesome and bootstrap

I tried using font-awesome, a set of icons to improve twitter bootstrap framework. It works beautifully almost every time, at least with the latest version of it (as of this writing). For example, with the following code: <h1 class="page-title">Map Headers</h1> The image looked

when .gitignore just ignores you!

Everyone that once worked with git already stumbled upon this problem. You added some rules to .gitignore file to be excluded in the next commits but the files still appear on the src tree. Well, the thing is that those files were previously added to the tree and .gitignore only

Select a random item from a List

Hi, Created an extension method to get a random item from a List: /// <summary> /// Gets a random element from the list. /// </summary> /// <typeparam name="T">The list element type.</typeparam> /// <param name="list">The actual list.</param> /// <